The house of the Campidano

In the panorama of the Sardinian vernacular architecture, the campidanaise house is without any doubt one of the most interesting structures.

It is actually the result of the repetitions of traditional patterns, that with the superimpositions occurred through the centuries have given life to an organism on its own, perfectly recognizable, that blends perfectly the functionality and the aesthetic.

1) Su Portali ( The Archgate)

2) Sa pratza de manixu (The working yard)

3) Su magasinu ‘e su binu (The wine deposit)

4) Sa funtana (The well)

5) Sa pratza bona (The good yard)

6) Sa sala (The eating room)

7) Sa lolla (The open gallery)

8 ) S’aposentu ‘e arriciri (The reception room)






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